Windows to the Soul?

I happen to have a really nice friend named Justin, and Justin happens to have really nice eyes.

Here’s a tiny exercise for my writing friends (especially my WNYRW friends) – what do his eyes say to you? Could they inspire six sentences, a thousand words, or maybe a really happy medium in between?

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  • Miranda Baker

    He looks like Mr. Big, but younger. Very inspiring…

  • Cindy Racette

    Yes, you’re right– he does have nice eyes. I could write a book around him.

  • Kristine_ES

    (six sentences?)

    Regardless of what anyone thinks or wonders I am not lost. I have not lost my way. I’m driving into the sun, aware that every minute means I’m farther away from you. I’ve been driving the lines of your words, connecting the places where we began to where I find myself now. I’m on the place where the map says “hic sunt dracones.” Zero bars for reception, and that’s not such a bad thing after all.

    • jesstopper

      Beautiful, Kris. I was thinking of you when I dropped that “six sentence” reference in. :)