I had the best intentions to write my Z post on William Blake’s The Four Zoas.

If I had had a brain in my head, I would have written that “Z” post during that first, fresh week and squirreled it away. But I didn’t. And I didn’t.

And now I have zero idea of where I wanted to go with that post. Zip.

So here – I will at least show you a pretty picture of his Zoas – Tharmas (sense), Luvah (love), Urthona (imagination), and Urizen (reason).

The Four Zoas

Literary scholars have spent their lives’ work studying this unparalleled yet uncompleted prophetic vision of Blake’s. So I’m not sure what I thought I was going to accomplish with one small blog post, coming on the heels of 25 other blog posts about random crapola:

A – Author

B – Butterfly Kisses

C – Coffee

D – Details

E – England

F – Fact or Fiction

G – Got Gray?

H – Helium

I – Idiopathic

J – Jesters

K – What Writers KNOW

L – Library Lions

M – Meat

N – Ni! and Neee-wom and Noodles 

O – Operation Organize Office

P – Playing the Part

Q – Quixotic

R – Rock and Roll Riders

S – Sun Kink

T- Training to be a Dirty Girl

U – Review of Amanda USEN’s ‘Scrumptious’

V – whose post has VANISHED into thin air – creepy!

W – Writers’ Retreat

X – Xigua

Y – Yodelittle

Z – wasn’t really about the Zoas at all. MAYBE NEXT YEAR!

I hope everyone had fun blogging and reading from A to Z! And I hope to see you on the blog hop next year. Until then, feel free to stop by this little corner of the web to say hi.

Zee ya latah!


  • http://twitter.com/pamelaskjolsvik Pamela Skjolsvik (@pamelaskjolsvik)

    Congratulations on completing the challenge. I will definitely stop by again!

    • http://jesstopper.wordpress.com jesstopper

      Thanks, Pam – we rock mightily, don’t we? LOL I think you are well on your way to building a great platform for your non-fic – congrats to you!

  • http://twitter.com/BibseyMama Bibsey Mama (@BibseyMama)

    Have loved your random crapola! Well done. Looking forward to the full and indepth Zoas post in 2013 x

    • http://jesstopper.wordpress.com jesstopper

      Thanks – glad I had your blog to boost me with laughter during this month…it was fun!

  • http://thesoundofonehandtyping.wordpress.com John Holton

    Congratulations! I finished as well. I’m impressed that you have a tag for “crapola.” I’ll have to catch up on those…

    • http://jesstopper.wordpress.com jesstopper

      Thanks, John! I thought crapola was an appropriate tag for today, given the state of my brain! Hope you made it through this Challenge with a smile!

  • http://acommonsea.wordpress.com A Common Sea

    I use Zoas as a word in Scrabble/Words with Friends, but beyond that, I don’t think I’ve ever read Blake’s work on the subject. I’ll wait til I can read your post next year about it! 😉

    Off to read some more of your random crapola! (I, too, love that tag!)