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Of Mud and Blood


September is National ITP Awareness Month. I’ve known about this platelet disorder since 2005 when I was diagnosed with it (and I recently wrote about it here). But never have I been so keenly aware of my own lack of platelets than earlier this month after completing the Dirty Girl Mud Run. The day was […]

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Nice to see you, to see you…nice.

Hello, Cleveland! Is this mic on? Check…check one-two. Welcome to my new chunk of prime real estate on the web! My blog got a makeover and she’s got an entourage now – check out the rest of my site, y’all. I wrestled with the chicken-and-egginess of the whole operation: do I publish first and then […]

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Blogging on the Brink

Short public service announcement for you lovely souls who follow I’ll Blog When I’m Dead – change is in the air! I’ve got a cool new web site launching, and my blog will have a new home there. You can find me at or, so pop on by and say hello! I’m honored […]

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