Nice to see you, to see you…nice.

Hello, Cleveland!

Is this mic on?

Check…check one-two.

Welcome to my new chunk of prime real estate on the web! My blog got a makeover and she’s got an entourage now – check out the rest of my site, y’all.

I wrestled with the chicken-and-egginess of the whole operation: do I publish first and then build a site, or build a site in preparation for eventual publication? I’ve got a literary agent and my debut is under consideration at several publishing houses. Book two is unfurling delightfully before my eyes. Balls are rolling in Authorland.

Then I decided: I’m going for it. Let’s rock and roll. I’m an unpublished author, but is that any different than an unsigned band, shopping for a label? They’ve got their demo, their EPK, their flashy web site with music living in a cloud. Long gone are the days of cassette tapes and smudgy press kits and going door-to-door, club-to-club. In fact, when it comes to web sites, it may be difficult to distinguish the multi-platinum artists from the basement rec room hacks. Well, maybe their tour dates page might give them away.

Authors are the new rock stars. They are doing blog tours and hosting book release parties on social media sites. They seem to be handling the digital book revolution better than the music industry and musicians handled the digital music coup d’etat. Or perhaps they were just slightly more prepared? Writers are good note-takers, after all.

Throwing horns in the direction of Mindy Reznik at – this site would not have been possible without her help, her vision, humor and wizardry. \m/ Check it – she made my name into an ambigram. It can be read upside down! Flip your laptop, smartphone, iPad over to check it out.

Stay tuned to BLOGGING ON THE BRINK…there’s more on the way!

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  • Catherine Storm Sisco

    site looks great Jess! Congrats. Before you know it you’ll be hosting skype reading group discussions and having webcasts for your readers. The fun is just beginning 😉

    • jess

      Thanks for stopping by, Cat! Ah, a girl can dream… :)

  • dupreeblue

    So very glad you love it Jess! Welcome to your new home. :)

  • Roxanne

    Hi Jess! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website and blog. It looks fabulous and it’s very fitting for the theme of your books. Great job! It’s so funny that you equate authors to the new rock stars. I use RoxStar as my online ID because it is a play on my first name and because, well, I am totally a rock star in my own head. 😉

    • jesstopper

      Thanks for the kind words, Roxanne! Love the play on your name, too. Writing is grueling but rewarding biz and I think we definitely deserve a standing ovation for putting ourselves out there!

    • dupreeblue

      Oh my. RoxStar is possibly the greatest online name you could have ever thought of. That’s fabulous.