Going Gray on the Great White Way

Last September, over two dozen women met for dinner on the top floor of Canaletto in the Venetian, Las Vegas. Ages, professions and home states all varied. Each woman’s background was as different and unique as the next one. Most had never met one another before, at least not in person. Conversation flowed, cameras snapped. Laughter abounded. But as they wound their way down the staircase en route to a photo shoot in St. Mark’s Square, their common thread was apparent. “Oh!” gasped other diners on the main floor of the restaurant. “Oh my, look at them all! Look at their hair, they are all gray!”

And indeed, we were. Many threads of silver, way more than fifty shades of grey, in varied lengths and states of transition.

The murmurs weren’t in horror, more in fascination. “Here come more! Oh, they’re beautiful! Go, girls! You look great!”

The gathering of Silver Sisters was a celebration, and the brainchild of Diana Lewis Jewell, author of Going Gray, Looking Great . For several successful years, Diana also ran a companion website that allowed women from all over the world to share their own stories of transition, offer support and advice and to chat with other like-minded women who had decided to go gray gracefully.

Just a sampling of the Silver Sisters in Las Vegas

Just a sampling of the Silver Sisters in Las Vegas!

My own great gray epiphany began in late 2009, and fourteen months later, I was dye-free. You can read the blog post about my transition (and watch my subsequent CBS news interview) here. It’s been a great journey, and it’s not over yet! I am excited to join an even larger group of Silver Sisters as we take on Broadway next Saturday!

Adding our own glitz and glamor to Broadway

We’ll be adding our own glitz and glamor to Broadway!

No, I know it’s not as monumental as a march on Washington, but it’s a bold statement: beautiful gray-haired women from all walks of life strutting through Times Square, in the middle of a city known for its fashion-forward thinking and its fast-moving NY-minute fads. We are gray and it’s a look that’s here to stay!

If you’re in Manhattan, come look for us on the Great White Way next Saturday! Feel free to follow me @jesstopper on Twitter as I tweet updates from the gathering.

You can also check out Going Gray, Looking Great’s official Facebook page if you are interested in learning more about the revolution!

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  • Kristine

    may the Silver Beauties enjoy the day, and take Manhattan by storm!

    • jesstopper