What is Louder than Love?

Is there anything in the world LOUDER THAN LOVE?

Sometimes love comes barging in, as bold and as jarring as an air horn in a Drive-Thru window, unexpected and uninvited. Sometimes it goes as quickly as it arrives, leaving you with a thumping heart, sweaty palms and a head full of unspoken words.

Other times, love creeps up silently and walks beside you for years without saying a word, before finally knocking you upside the head and saying, “Duh! I was here all along.”

Love can make the heart sing, but the heart’s not a one-hit wonder: I think it has many songs. From timeless classical interludes to heavy thrashing metal, from the perfect three-minute chart-topper to the lone, crooked hum of a child keeping herself company while drawing a picture of her favorite, imaginary cat.

What is LOUDER THAN LOVE? It’s my debut novel of Women’s Fiction – a love/loss/love again story set amidst the vivid urban backdrop of Manhattan and the quirky comfort of Lauder Lake. I am thrilled that Kat and Adrian’s story has found a home with Berkley/Intermix (Penguin) and will be available digitally (release date TBA) for you to experience. A rousing, wild round of applause goes to my agent, Nalini Akolekar, for tirelessly championing this manuscript and to the witty and wonderful Amanda Usen, who pushed me to “turn the amps to 11” and finish the damn book! Thank you both, you rock. \m/

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  • Alison Stone

    You rock, Jessica! Congratulations!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/kjay009 KJay

    Excellent! Can’t wait for the release…

  • http://twitter.com/AmandaUsen Amanda Usen

    I love, love, love LOUDER THAN LOVE and I am loud, loud, loud and proud of you! Hurray! *bubbles*

  • http://www.facebook.com/tonya.burrows Tonya Burrows

    Awesome, Jess! Love the new title!

  • http://twitter.com/StephaniHaefner Stephanie Haefner

    Congrats!! Love the new title!!!!

  • Helen Jones

    Congratulations Jessica! This is awesome news. Can’t wait to read it!

  • jesstopper

    Thanks for all the comment love, ladies! And for your support over this past year. xo

  • Anita Loughlin

    Jess… This is truly beautiful!! Again….Congrats to you!! When does the book come out? I can’t wait to read it!! After being married for 32 years…. I think you hit the nail right on target!

    • jesstopper

      Thanks, Anita! The release date has not be set yet, but I will certainly keep you posted.