Blogging from A to Z Challenge

The Blogging Gods must be crazy – I’m attempting the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge once again! Why, you ask? Or, as one of my friends reacted, “Noooooooooooooooo!”

Writers, when you ask them why they write, say they cannot NOT write. I think author Sara Gruen recently said it the best: “The only thing that makes me crazier than writing is not writing.” (You may have heard of her book “Water for Elephants”. Yeah, that book started as part of another online Challenge: NaNoWriMo!)

Here’s my dirty little secret: I cannot resist a blank page. I once wrote a letter to a college friend using a fresh roll of toilet paper. I guess you can say that is how I roll. Faced with a calendar month’s worth of blank pages, and an alphabetical prompt – I’m in! The only way to remedy blank pages is fill them, and fill them well.

Last year I blogged on random topics throughout the month. Some may have been self-serving, some plain stupid. But hey, every time I see in my stats that someone found my blog by Googling “fruits that begin with the letter X”, I feel I have helped my fellow human. I’m still undecided on how I will proceed this year, but I plan on making it a multimedia affair with accompanying music videos that fit my day’s theme. Because I also cannot resist a good song when the lyrics fit perfectly into the soundtrack of my life.

That being said, I will leave you to ponder the compulsion to face Blank Pages with a dandy gem from the best example of Providence Power Pop, Velvet Crush.


If you are undertaking the A to Z Challenge this year, what is driving you?

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  • aimeekay

    Can’t wait to see what you do this year! I’m taking the challenge again as well. Last year my overall topic was just randomness. This year I plan to be a bit more organized.

    • jess

      Thanks, Amy – good luck with your plan!

  • Rhonda@laugh-quotes

    I actually love that you didn’t reveal a topic today. What fun to tease us a bit.