M is for… Metal Yoga

Throwing a big ‘horns up’ today to Neda Draupadi Honarvar.

While I don’t know Neda personally, nor have I visited her Tough Love Yoga Studio in Atlanta (yet), I *can* say know metal. And I know yoga. And I’ve been so excited to write about her brand of yoga for “M” since I started my A to Z journey through the Music-Fan Connection. She is the creator of Metal Yoga, and I can’t think of a more cosmic example of bringing music to the fans, and fans to the music!

Neda’s been studying yoga for over thirteen years. When asked how and why she started her Metal Yoga classes: “I always tell people that Metal Yoga started because a bunch of my guy friends said they would come to my class if I played metal but it really isn’t just about offering something different or getting people through the door. I love metal and I love yoga and contrary to what a lot of people think, the two actually go together very well. Not everyone wants to listen to birds chirping and harps playing when they are trying to relax.” (quote courtesy Ink Atlanta Magazine, Nov 2011)

Every movement in yoga follows the breath, and breath is energy. Music is energy too. I see it all linked. And come on: Fists of Fire, Warrior Stance, Fierce Pose? All moves that sound as if they are made for metal. And I can even think of some metal that seems as if it was made for yoga. (Black Sabbath’s Planet Caravan would be great for Savasana, or final relaxation pose.)

Even if you are not a fan of the genre, perhaps you’ll give it a chance from the mat. We work on opening our hearts while practicing yoga, but this might just open your mind, too. \m/

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  • http://twitter.com/Joliedupre Jolie du Pre

    I practice yoga, and I love metal. However, I don’t want to listen to metal when I’m practicing yoga. LOL!

    • jesstopper

      LOL I hear you, Jolie. Although in that article I quoted, she also says that most people get so focused, they don’t even hear the music. I could see that happening.

  • jesstopper

    Yep, I think they did, Suzy!