Q is for… Quilts, Ts and Rock n’ Roll

Qué Pasa, folks – we’ve reached letter Q in the A to Z journey through the Music-Fan connection!

Wanna sleep with your favorite rockers?

I’m talking about swaddling yourself in all the warm-fuzzy memories and all those under-used but certainly not under-loved concert Ts, currently taking up prime real estate in your closet. Yeah, you can sell some of them on eBay for a mint. Or you can turn them into a kick-ass quilt.

Just running a quick Google image search on ‘concert t-shirt’ quilts yields a ton of crafty folks either selling their custom wares or showing off their talent and their vast t-shirt collections. I cannot vouch for or endorse any of these merchants, but I can say their concert t shirt quilts are like rock and roll eye candy to cuddle up with on a cold night!


Check out Ben Venom. He ain’t stitching your grandma’s kind of quilts!

Ben Venom

 His work has appeared in galleries in the Bay Area and in Birmingham, England, and was the subject of an NPR segment. I am currently coveting #1 in his gallery…and #7. And his entire pillow collection. Check out this cool video of Ben’s work.


Boo Davis runs her Quiltsrÿche studio with a loving hand and an iron fist. She claims she makes “modern heirloom quilts just like your metal-loving, half-blind Grandma would.” Here’s just one of her way-cool designs. Currently, she isn’t taking custom orders, but some of her quilts are for sale on her site.

I’m thinking I gotta send my grandma back to quilt-school!

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  • sandy

    Not a concert goer, but this is a good idea, a nice way to save the memories of something you’ve enjoyed. He’s certainly not onto anything new, as quilts have been around for ever as a way to save memories and use up stuff. Few years back I saw a nice one made of baseball/sports t-shirts from a kids school years.


    • jesstopper

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the possibilities of preserving your keepsakes in quilt form are endless!

  • messymimi

    When my Sweetie’s mama got ill, she took all of her dresses that her kids remembered her wearing, and made them into quilts, one for each child. They are great keepsakes. So i can see how this works.

    • jesstopper

      Wow, what a wonderful idea – how sweet and heartfelt. I am sure all the kids must treasure their quilts, along with the memories of mom in her dresses. Thanks for sharing that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/beth.camp.14 Beth Camp

    Wow! What a great post! I was just charged by my quilt guild (the Washington State Quilters – Spokane Chapter) to find out more about contemporary quilts. Everyone kind of looks at me blankly when you ask, even though our Quilt Show just added Contemporary Quilts as a new category for entrants. Hah! You gave me a BIG jump start! Definitely art. Definitely passion. Definitely quilts!

    • jesstopper

      Oh cool, Beth – glad I could be of assistance! :) I had seen Boo Davis’ work online before, but just happened to stumble across Ben’s work while writing Q and I was utterly smitten. Best of luck with your guild!

  • DL Shackleford

    Awesome idea for all those shirts, most are pretty worn out. Great post!