Y is for… Yodeladies

I’m a chick (as you know).

I work for a band called moe. (you might have heard me mention them).

I go to rock shows.

How could I NOT dedicate my Y day to the Yodeladies?

Yodeladies is a women-led association of individuals who actively promote a friendly and safe environment for women in the moe.community.

Their name is a spin-off on an early moe. song called Yodelittle. It’s a funky little ditty with a yodel-worthy chorus of

“Yodelittle lady who, Yodelittle lady that I love”

At shows, Yodeladies will often staff a table or booth and provide local information, including important phone numbers, health and safety resources, and various sundries (condoms, tampons, etc.) that might be needed. I love seeing their smiling faces at each and every moe.down festival. They work that booth through rain, shine and while the bands play on!

They welcome the support of anyone who loves moe. and who is committed to creating a positive environment for women in the moe. community. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and rocking the rail at moe. shows coast to coast!

2 of my favorite Yodeladies (wo)manning the booth!

2 of my favorite Yodeladies (wo)manning the booth!

2 of my favorite Yodeladies (wo)manning the booth!

The group will return to this year’s Summer Camp Music Festival for their 7th annual season there, and will soon post a list of volunteer slots and donations needed on their page. Even if you can’t go where the Yodeladies go, you can still donate items!

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  • Mer

    The Yodeladies are so honored to be a part of your blog Jess! Thanks for the shout out.

    • http://www.jesstopper.com/ Jessica Topper

      My pleasure, Mer! You and the other ladies do such a fabulous job. Happy to bring awareness to the cause!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1196911049 Jen Bernstein

      Ditto what Mer said! Love your A-Z challenge and your kickass writing!

      • http://www.jesstopper.com/ Jessica Topper


  • messymimi

    What’s beautiful to see is a band that treasures its fans, especially the dedicated ones like this.

    • http://www.jesstopper.com/ Jessica Topper

      Thanks – yes, truly a wonderful Music-Fan Connection!

  • http://fictiontoolbox.blogspot.com/ Melissa Sugar

    What a fabulous promotion.
    I just dropped by from the challenge and am so glad I did. I’m eager to your band.

    • http://www.jesstopper.com/ Jessica Topper

      Thanks for hopping by, Melissa! I’m not in the band, but I work for them. And I always say I have the 5 coolest, nicest bosses in the world! genuinely great guys.

  • heidi mannan

    Sounds like a great band.

    • http://www.jesstopper.com/ Jessica Topper

      Thanks for popping by, Heidi!