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The Other F Word

You should’ve seen how high my eleven year old daughter’s eyebrows shot up when I mentioned I was blogging on The Other F Word. “There’s another one? Tellmetellmetellme!” The Other F Word is not just a word, it’s a film. And its subjects are versed in every profanity on the planet…as evidenced in their live […]

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E is for… Earworm

Ah, the earworm: a horribly catchy jingle that wiggles its way between your ears and latches permanently to your brain. Kind of a weird phenomena that certainly falls into my A to Z theme of the Music-Fan Connection.    Spongebob – “Musical Doodle” video courtesy of YouTube I love some of the definitions listed for […]

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D is for… DrumsForCures and Dio

Music heals. I’m changing directions a bit on my A to Z journey through the Music-Fan Connection to focus on something that impacts us all: cancer and the quest for its cure. From the biggest, hottest celebrity musician to the unknown hopeful kid banging on pots and pans, from the oldest fan down to the […]

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C is for… Cruises – Boats that Rock!

Yesterday we took to the skies, today we hit the high seas with another interesting mode of bridging the Music-Fan Connection, which is my theme for this year’s A to Z Challenge. There’s a new fleet in town. Bands are taking over boats. Music is hitting more than just the airwaves these days – it’s […]

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B is for… Bruce Air

A Dane, a Brit and an American walk into an airport. Sounds like the beginnings of a great joke, right? What if I told you they were all looking for Flight #666? That’s not the punchline, it’s the true story of three lucky guys I know who have boarded the friendly skies via Bruce Air, […]

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The A to Z Music-Fan Connection: A is for… Auctions

Kicking off the A to Z Challenge and my Music-Fan Connection theme with…rock up on the auction block: music auctions! What do you think of when you hear the word ‘auction’? Do you think of stern-faced muckety-mucks silently holding up signs on sticks at Sotheby’s, or maybe one of those fast-talking, tongue-twisting auctioneers? How about […]

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