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Swag More, Bark Less

A good friend of mine recently became a black belt in karate.  She’s a mild-mannered, unruffled Type-B personality with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude who began taking classes after her young daughter and her husband enrolled. It began as a social excuse for her, and provided a bit of fitness and fun. Yet after four, maybe five […]

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On Tour with Amanda Usen & Into The Fire

I’m so psyched to be a tour stop for Amanda Usen as she celebrates her release of INTO THE FIRE! I’ve never had an author visit my blog’s backstage green room, so I’m treating her like a total rock star today! The tour bus didn’t have to travel far – just to our favorite local […]

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Magicicada…and the Writer’s Cycle

If you live along the Eastern US Coast, chances are you are bracing for an invasion of apocalyptic proportions. I’m talking about the plague of 17-year locusts. “As if from some horror movie, cicada nymphs have been described as ‘boiling out of the ground,’” reports The New York Times. *shiver* This phenomena will happen from CT […]

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