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Hey. Hi. Hello. If this post is currently caressing your eyeballs, then chances are you either a) subscribed to this lovely blog once upon a time or b) stumbled across a link while Googling “fruit that begins with the letter X.” (Yes…I totally went there.)  Either way, you totally rock and thanks for giving it the time of day.

Like my writing, this small corner of the web that I call home has morphed over time.

I haven’t given this blog as much love lately as I wish I could, but I have been experimenting with writing quality pieces to send out to readers privately through News Out of Nowhere, my TinyLetter Newsletter. Mostly musings on writing and rock and roll. Methods to my madness, if you will. Or if I have a big piece of news (Film option! PEN/Faulkner Award! Ten book series! A chocolate bar named after me!) I promise to tell you second, after I call my mom.

If I get really inspired, I hope to share a piece of short fiction, or maybe a poem with subscribers. Creative pieces that might not end up as part of a published book, but then again, if they do…you’ll be able to say “Oh yeah, she emailed that to me, like, a year ago.”  If you’re interested in occasionally receiving such nuggets of news out of nowhere, I hope you will consider dropping your email address in the box below. We will have a brief tango of me thanking you for subscribing, and you confirming you subscribed, and then away we go! No spam…because you and me, we ain’t got time for that.

I look forward to interacting with you in this brave new way!

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