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Pictures & Words – Dictatorship

Taking a break from writing today to gather some eye candy – some of my favorite scenes from Dictatorship of the Dress inspired these Pictures & Words! Enjoy. Click each for full-size goodness!     As always, feel free to share but please do not crop or alter! All quotes from Dictatorship of the Dress © […]

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Heavy Metal Yoga Adventure in Atlanta

Ommmmm \m/ Metal Yoga. Laugh if you will. Say it defies logic and must defeat the purpose. Call it the mother of all oxymorons. You know what I call it? Freakin’ awesome. If you’re any kind of music fan, you must know that thrill – you know, that chill you get the minute the lights […]

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Z is for… Zoso brings Zeppelin to Argentina

Well, our journey is just about over. We’ve reached the end of the line. It’s fitting to say, as we reach the end of our A to Z journey through the Music-Fan Connection, that the music never dies. Fans may fade away and bands may part ways, but the music will endure. And it will […]

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Let’s Put the X in… the worst song lyric ever

OK. I contemplated my music-related X topic for a while. I thought about profiling Australian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and all around cool Aussie dude Xavier Rudd. He’s certainly X-worthy, with those blue eyes and that big, long didgeridoo! Love Xavier. But I got to thinking about my E is for earworm post. It’s bad enough when a song […]

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U is for… Ukulele Flashmob!

U… ugh. Tough letter. But I’ve been thinking the ukulele has been making a comeback lately. Well, not sure it was ever popular enough to warrant a comeback, but I think of it as a fun “gateway” instrument to other stringed things. My daughter recently received one as a gift, and it’s been fun learning […]

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T is for… Tapers

For my T post in my A to Z journey through the Music Fan Connection, I thought I would tackle a topic of technology out of my typical realm: Tapers. While many bands prohibit fans from recording their live shows, other bands have made it part of their policy to encourage fans not only to […]

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R is for… Record Store Day

How fitting that “R” should fall on April 20th, as it happens to be the 6th Annual Record Store Day! I couldn’t imagine the A to Z Music-Fan Connection being complete without a mention of record stores. CAN YOU IDENTIFY THIS? If so, you undoubtedly remember the glory days of The Record Store. Row after […]

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M is for… Metal Yoga

Throwing a big ‘horns up’ today to Neda Draupadi Honarvar. While I don’t know Neda personally, nor have I visited her Tough Love Yoga Studio in Atlanta (yet), I *can* say know metal. And I know yoga. And I’ve been so excited to write about her brand of yoga for “M” since I started my […]

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Jaunts and Haunts with Jake and John

Ah, the Big Apple. So many sights to see and things to do. You could hop on a double-decker red bus to see the traditional tourist must-sees: Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building. Or… you can head downtown and let a certain red – and pink and purple and orange – haired host play […]

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G is for… Giving Fans the Spotlight

Taking my A to Z theme The Music-Fan Connection in literal terms: GIVING fans the chance to come on stage and perform with the band.   GREEN DAY GIVES GUITAR, GRATIS Three years ago, I took my teenage niece to see Green Day and was pretty wowed by their level of fan interaction. It’s pretty […]

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