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E is for… Earworm

Ah, the earworm: a horribly catchy jingle that wiggles its way between your ears and latches permanently to your brain. Kind of a weird phenomena that certainly falls into my A to Z theme of the Music-Fan Connection.    Spongebob – “Musical Doodle” video courtesy of YouTube I love some of the definitions listed for […]

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The A to Z Music-Fan Connection: A is for… Auctions

Kicking off the A to Z Challenge and my Music-Fan Connection theme with…rock up on the auction block: music auctions! What do you think of when you hear the word ‘auction’? Do you think of stern-faced muckety-mucks silently holding up signs on sticks at Sotheby’s, or maybe one of those fast-talking, tongue-twisting auctioneers? How about […]

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Like Father, Like Son – a Mother-Daughter Adventure

I took my ten year old to her first metal show last week. Yes, I subjected her 100+ decibels and 10,000+ rowdy, sweaty (and a few inebriated) fans. But before you snatch away my Mom-of-the-Year Award and stomp it to bits with your sensible shoes, hear me out. There were earplugs involved. And backstage passes. […]

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Summer Tour 2012

Hello cats and kittens! Miss me? I’ve missed all of you. It appears I took the month of May off. Hmm. More like I blinked and it was gone. April was a fun blur. I am still getting a lot of traffic here due to the Herculean Blogging from A-Z Challenge, which is all kinds […]

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I almost got tripped up on letter Y. One day away from the finale – I can’t be fresh out of ideas! All I kept thinking was yogurt. But I didn’t want to write about yogurt. I do eat it every morning (greek non-fat vanilla mixed with non-fat plain to cut the sweetness) but that […]

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Rock and Roll Riders

“But dude…it’s on our rider.” Ah yes, magic words in the music biz. What is this sacred document I speak of? A tour rider is a written set of requests or demands made by an artist prior to a performance. To ensure the comfort, safety and happiness of the artist, the promoter or venue will […]

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It’s All in the Details

D is diverse, indeed. Decisions, decisions! After much deliberation, I’ve determined that today’s blog post will be dedicated to my DH. In some people’s cute little corners of the net, that stands for Dear Husband. In my case, I like to affectionately refer to him as my Dirty Hippie. My husband is a Deadhead. By […]

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Random Ramble – never too old to rock and roll

Today is Steve Harris’ birthday – the bassist and founder of Iron Maiden was born in 1956, so that makes him…56! Here in the States, he’d qualify for AARP. Yet here in the States, we’re gearing up for a 29-date summer tour from Steve and the other “boys” in the band (ranging in age from […]

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Everyone Should Meet their Heroes

I don’t think there’s an exact quote out there, but you may have heard the old “Never meet your heroes, they’ll only disappoint you” motto before. No one you worship can possibly live up to such high expectations, right? It would be like going to heaven and catching God up there smoking pot. Well, maybe […]

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Every time I blog about Rob, I blog about Al…

…and Chuck and Vin and Jim. 5 guys named moe. These 5 guys are my bosses and some of the nicest and most talented musicians I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And I am not just saying that because they pay me. (Actually, I pay me. Cuz I’m in charge of the money!) […]

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