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        I’ll admit, I am enamoured (that’s enamored, for you Colonials) with ENGLAND. I’ve had a crush the size of the Two Fat Ladies on the Motherland, probably since I was old enough to Sing a Song of Six Pence. Who doesn’t love singing about four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie? And while […]

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All Aboard the A!

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge begins today! I’ve contemplated themes, toyed with the idea of guest bloggers…and have decided to let this endeavor happen organically. As a former librarian, I’m no stranger to the alphabetical and chronological. Hell, I can even sing the entire alphabet backwards, thanks to Ralph Covert! I’m absolutely amused […]

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Good Intentions Pave the Way to Hell’s Kitchen

In 1993, two students moved to New York City to find their fame and fortune. They ended up finding each other and falling in love. (Insert collective “awwww” here.) No, not the basis of a romance novel, just my life! Fast forward almost twenty years later: we’ve since gained a cat, a kid, a few […]

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Piece O’ Cake

Today we celebrate all things sweet! Not that we need a reason, but here are two: My very talented friend Amanda Usen‘s deliciously hot romance Scrumptious just hit the shelves of a major bookstore today – woo, nice rack, Amanda! Reason #2: My daughter’s 10th birthday is coming up, and as we made cupcakes for […]

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