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Q is for… Quilts, Ts and Rock n’ Roll

Qué Pasa, folks – we’ve reached letter Q in the A to Z journey through the Music-Fan connection! Wanna sleep with your favorite rockers? I’m talking about swaddling yourself in all the warm-fuzzy memories and all those under-used but certainly not under-loved concert Ts, currently taking up prime real estate in your closet. Yeah, you […]

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P is for … Publication!

PARDON the PREAMBLE, but PENGUIN has announced my PUBLICATION date! Louder than Love will drop, as we say in the music biz, on September 17th. Since my debut novel has music (and fans) at its core, it’s still in keeping with my A to Z theme of the Music-Fan Connection…right? PERHAPS I should PROVIDE a […]

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O is for… Ozzy

So many bloggers posted about “kissing” for K, inspiring me to tell my own odd tale of my first kiss. With this guy:   It was that hazy time period between daguerreotypes and upwardly mobile megapixel Smartphone cameras… ah yes, the 80s. It was a huge day in rock for me. My dad even let […]

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N is for… Nannies. Rockin’ Nannies!

Today’s post in the A -Z Music Fan Connection is related to my post about kids and music festivals. I had a blogger, messymimi, make a great comment on my K post: “There’s times for adults only, and times when it makes sense to make room for Junior, and I’m glad that’s being done.” I […]

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M is for… Metal Yoga

Throwing a big ‘horns up’ today to Neda Draupadi Honarvar. While I don’t know Neda personally, nor have I visited her Tough Love Yoga Studio in Atlanta (yet), I *can* say know metal. And I know yoga. And I’ve been so excited to write about her brand of yoga for “M” since I started my […]

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L is for… Louder than Love: Writing a Rock Hero

OK, maybe this post doesn’t fit perfectly in with my Music-Fan connection theme, but I was stumped for ‘L’  today. Louder than Love, my debut novel due out in September, got me thinking about the old adage ‘write what you know’. Musicians – like actors and athletes – have long been frowned upon as ‘romantic […]

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K is for… Kids Rock!

I would be remiss if I didn’t speak about the future music fans of the world during my A to Z journey through the Music-Fan Connection. Silly parents, festies are for kids, too! The child-friendly options at music festivals increase each year, it seems. From Kidzapalooza at parent-fest Lollapalooza to Kidz Jam at Bonnaroo, the […]

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Jaunts and Haunts with Jake and John

Ah, the Big Apple. So many sights to see and things to do. You could hop on a double-decker red bus to see the traditional tourist must-sees: Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building. Or… you can head downtown and let a certain red – and pink and purple and orange – haired host play […]

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I is for… Ice Cream Man

This ain’t your average neighborhood ice cream man. Meet Matt Allen. Matt Allen, music’s favorite Ice Cream Man In 2004, Matt bought a 1969 Chevy van and hit the streets of Ashland, Oregon. He had a camera, a sense of adventure…and a lot of ice cream. So much, in fact, that he began giving away […]

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H is for… Happy Hour Heroes

Today’s H installment of the A to Z Music-Fan Connection is an introduction to volunteer groups like the Happy Hour Heroes that provide a haven for music fans who wish to remain substance-free at concerts and festivals. Yellow Balloon – Courtesy of Camp Traction Ever notice a yellow balloon flying high at a music festival?  […]

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