Deleted Scene, Three – Adrian

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about connecting with readers, several have come forward to tell me how much they love Adrian but wished Louder Than Love had contained scenes from his point of view. I am happily able to report that there were a few takes from Adrian’s POV in the first draft that ended up on the chopping block during editing. Trust me, this book was a beast when it first landed on my agent’s desk, and then my editor’s. We trimmed it down to its fighting weight you see and read now.

But I grew up listening the The Kinks and GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. So this is all about bonus content for you here on the blog, my friends. This deleted Adrianism follows his rainy day date with Kat up in Lauder Lake. Their chemistry is sizzling but there is still a layer of haze between them where their pasts are concerned.

I don’t recall how I got home this evening. Perhaps my body rode the Metro North, trailed deep below Grand Central and boarded the 7 train, then snaked through the labyrinths of Times Square and Port Authority to hop the C uptown.

My body may have done this, but my mind was still back in Westchester with Kat.

 Lying before the fire and watching as her face changed in a thousand different ways.

 I saw a song in it, with time changes and staccatos, repeat signs and crescendos.

It reminded me of the piano lessons I had as a child, learning how to caress the keys lightly to play ‘piano’ and then pressing with quick blunt force to play ‘forte’. Playing her body gently, pressing all the right notes…how can all this beauty exist for me?

We are both so broken. Yet she seems so wholesome.

Everything I have done in my life leads me to believe I do not deserve this.

She will discover that eventually…

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  • mimi

    When it comes down to it, do any of us deserve it? Interesting thought process.

    • Jessica Topper

      True, Mimi.

  • Amanda

    i love all these deleted scenes from adrian. how i wish the story never ends.

    • Jessica Topper

      I know, I am still in love with these characters too. Thanks!